The Instructor-led, classroom-based Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED course teaches participants critical skills and knowledge needed to respond to and manage an emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services arrives. This course also teaches adult CPR AED. The workbook is also useful as a post-course reference book, and is based on the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC.

Workbook includes information on:

first aid basics (including scene safety, finding the problem, and calling for help)
medical emergencies (including actions for choking, breathing problems, and shock)
injury emergencies (including actions for bleeding, broken bones, and burns)
environmental emergencies (including actions for bites and stings, and temperature-related and poison emergencies)
adult CPR AED
child CPR AED (optional module)
infant CPR (optional module)

Price: $85.00 per person
Course Length 4-5 hrs

The Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED course provides first responders with training in basic first aid and CPR AED procedures -- including the first aid skills recommended by OSHA.

Why learn first aid?

Price: $60.00 per person
Course Length 2-3 hrs

This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA requirements for response in the workplace. MEDIC First Aid has been a worldwide leader in CPR, AED and first aid emergency care training programs for individuals, business and industry since 1978. 

Price: 60.00 Per person
Course Length 2-3 hrs

First aid is an important skill.  By performing simple procedures and following certain guidelines, it may be possible to save a life by giving basic treatment until professional medical help arrives.  Remember, too, that practice makes perfect. In an emergency there is no time to read instructions. If you memorize some of the basic procedures, it will help you react quickly and efficiently. Our courses cover concepts such as nosebleeds, bee stings, splinting, choking, shock and more. 

American Safety & Health Institute

CPR-First Aid       Blended Classes only

Heartsaver first aid/CPR Student Manual is the required text for the classroom-based cpr/first aid course and renewal course. Full colorand soft cover.  AHA requires this book be offered prior to class and can be purchased at or

Heartsaver® First Aid/CPR-AED

MEDIC First Aid is a combined adult CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator) training course designed specifically for the occupational first aid responders.

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ASHI CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator) and Basic First Aid certification and training for adult, child and infant emergencies.

Individuals or groups who require or desire training and certification in CPR and first aid knowledge skills; including emergency response teams in business and industry, school bus drivers, adult residential care personnel, child care workers, teachers, parents, and babysitters.